How I Came to Stanford (Eric Edition)

This is a bit about how one night I found myself running out of my room, screaming at the top of my lungs.

My Personal Introduction
I am a graduate of a large Houston area high school. I love to think, love to learn, and do whatever seems fun at the time (like paintball).

I plan on majoring in Geophysics, working towards a Master’s degree (Doctorate’s if I feel like it later). I plan on having a career involving energy production, natural gas specifically.

How I got into Stanford
I am by no means a prodigy or a genius. Of the four schools I applied to, I received one rejection letter (from Berkeley if you can believe it). For the sake of sheer numbers:
SAT: Reading-780  Math-720 Writing-640
Class Rank*: 3 out of 804
AP Tests: World History-4  Chemistry-5  US History-4  European History-3   Physics B-4
            English Language-4
       2012: Environmental Science, Calculus AB, English Literature, Physics C: Mechanics, US Government,     Macroeconomics
*Rank as of February 2012
National Achievement Scholar Award Recipient, AP Scholar with Distinction

Basically, I’d say I just did the best I could.

Why I chose Stanford
The decision process was quite slow in the beginning. Back in middle school, when we had no idea what college really was besides (so we thought) what smart people do to get smarter, I just though about whatever school was nearby. I moved around often, state to state, so my decision would go from UNC to USC to Duke to Harvard, to Texas Tech, to whatever school I heard about at the time. My mother, I think, mentioned Stanford one time in passing, a few days after I entered 9th grade if I remember correctly. This was still before I considered colleges in any death. In 10th grade, I started looking into college more. I had decided Stanford was going to be on my list, but was still wondering about the University of Chicago, or USC, both of which I have cousins currently in attendance. By 11th grade, I had shortened my list to five schools, eliminating all Ivy league considerations because of the weather.When the fateful day came that I received the Stanford acceptance email, I didn’t think twice about finishing the Chicago application. By then, I was sure it was where I wanted to go.

That’s the basic story, compressed as well as I think I could. Just one piece of advice: try to be courteous to your neighbors. They might be distressed by the sound of an entire apartment’s occupants screaming in unison.

~Eric Wilson

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