General Advice dealing with the Various Events leading up to and including Admit Weekend

If you have a chance to go to Admit Weekend, do it.

Phase I: Initial Acceptance
So you’ve gotten into Stanford. Congratulations! Ever visited the campus before? Admit Weekend is the perfect opportunity. Let’s say you’ve gotten several acceptance letters from good colleges around the world, so you happen to be unsure of your ultimate choice. What better time is there to experience residential life firsthand? Who knows, you may be hooked upon arrival…

Phase II: Travel Expenses & Schedule Conflict
Wait a minute… Admit Weekend is when? A good week before AP tests? The same weekend as prom? Hmm… seems like a bit of trouble, don’t it? And how do you get affordable plane tickets and accommodations on such short notice? Don’t worry, its much more manageable than it sounds. Stanford has a grant that will reimburse you for some travel expenses if you demonstrate financial need, up to $500 as of right now. As for the Prom you have on that Saturday, you may want to start heading home that Friday night. Trust me, the two days at Stanford will still be worth it.

Phase III: Stuff to Bring
Don’t bring more than a carry on. That’s all you’ll need. Be sure to check the official recommended list for your year before you pack. And whatever you do, be certain to bring shoes that you can walk miles in comfortably. Unless you figure out how the Marguerite shuttle works within about 5 minutes of arrival, you’ll be walking everywhere (unless your RoHo borrows a bike for you to use).

Phase IV: The Plane Ride (assuming that you don’t live nearby/are driving there)
Take a nap.

Phase V: Admit Weekend
I pity the student that doesn’t have a basic idea of what they want to do when they arrive. There is a vast multitude of events going on simultaneously, and a short time to do it all. You may even want to play a game of fugitive with some of your fellow ProFros. It is simply impossible to sum up everything that actually happens during Admit Weekend in one post, so I’ll sum it up with one word: Amazing.

This experience may be a highlight for years to come. Personally, I found it to be on of the best weekends of my life (and the busiest – I went to  prom that very Saturday). It is the perfect opportunity to meet future potential future classmates and explore your future home. Enjoy it!

~Eric Wilson
  PS: Try eating a sandwich from Ike’s!

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