Stanford 2016 – Avi Edition.

Hey readers of this awesome blog – whoever you are! I’m a new contributor – a fellow member of the class of 2016 who wants to share with you my experience of getting to this point – being a part of the Cardinal family for four years!

  Who is this new guy?I just graduated from Whitney High in Southern California, ready to take on the world. I’m active in a lot – I love the water. I swim, play water polo, and dragon boat (a sport similar to crew but uses more of the upper body and abdominal muscles to pull the boat – there is also a dragon head at the front of the boat, making us that much cooler). I’m a drama techie, soundboards and cameras are second nature to me, and I like being behind the scenes. I love history, biology, and filmmaking – and I will talk to people about the most random things because I really like to talk about random things. Yeah, I just like talking πŸ™‚

  What do you want to go into? I’m honestly not sure. I love biology, history, film – for the longest time I’ve wanted to become a filmmaker, but bio research looks extremely exciting. I want to be on the forefront of something cool I guess. I think I’ll just take the next two years to figure out exactly what I want.

  HOW DID YOU GET IN?I’m not some amazing kid – I just really like learning. My profile below: SAT: Reading-720 Math-720 Writing-730 ACT: 35 SAT-II: Chemistry – 800; Math IIC – 800; US History – 750 GPA: 3.95/4.000 (unweighted) AP Tests: 2010: Human Geography – 5; 2011: Calculus BC-5,Chemistry – 5, US History-5, English Lang-4, Statistics-4 2012: Biology PSAT: 215 National Merit Scholar Commended *Disclaimer: These are simply numbers. I know for a fact that there are people among the c/o ’16 with much worse scores than mine, and there are people with far better test scores that were rejected. – copied from Amelia Outside of the desk, I led my life by one philosophy – Do what I want to, and enjoy whatever it is. I liked doing many things, and I really like being busy, so these two parts of me went pretty well together. I’ve been a member of the High School broadcast team since I was a sophomore, became Executive Producer my junior year. I have been swimming since freshmen year, dragonboating since my sophomore year. Key Club was a small passion of mine until I realized that it was less about service and more about a resume for most people, so I left that. I did robotics for two years, went to world championships this year. I started the history bowl team at my school and helped send two teams to nationals. I was an All-State Sound Director, and went to DC for the congressional academy. I feel like I just wrote the activities part of my common app again πŸ˜€

  Why did I choose Stanford?I didn’t really have much difficulty choosing Stanford. By mid march, I had a college acceptance streak. I got into all the UCs, USC, and Northwestern. I was riding high, and was pretty happy. But then on March 28th, I faced my first outright rejection from Princeton, and was deferred to spring for Berkeley. I wasn’t necessarily devastated, but I was saddened. I assumed I would be going to UCLA and let the next couple of days come. I got waitlisted for Brown and UChicago, so I wasn’t even expecting Harvard or Stanford. Then, at a swim meet on March 30th, I heard a buzz. I checked my email and found out that there was an email from Stanford Admissions. I opened it with half of my team watching me, and… Well, you know. I got in. I was exhilarated. I broke my record for backstroke that day, and stayed on a high that lasted for a pretty long time. Stanford has been a dream school for me. I loved the campus, I love the faculty, and I loved the weather (THIS IS IMPORTANT). I’m a pretty avid biker as well, so the size of the campus never scared me. I actually chose Stanford right away – sent in my deposit the next day. I was a Cardinal as soon as I could be. I wrote a lot, and I would be surprised if you read all of this. But I do plan to write more about being a Class of 2016 member – hopefully we all can show you how great a place this will be. πŸ™‚ ~Avi

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