Moving to Cali

This post is to explain a little of what I’m going through now with preparing to move to Stanford this fall. Let me say I do not at all regret my decision to come to Stanford but here are some things I’ve had to consider/realize about college and moving.
Holy Cow! College is Expensive.
Regardless of how much aid a school gives you there are still tons of things you’re going to need for school, dorm, etc. that aren’t covered. Relocating from across the country makes that even more difficult because now you have to consider how to get your things there. Most people suggest buying when you get there or shipping your items as a last resort but remember between a laptop and a comforter, and anything else you see on a Bed, Bath and Beyond checklist. It gets pricey.
Southwest Say What!? –  Travel Expenses
California isn’t just a drive away for me or for a lot of people and plane tickets can be just as unaffordable as they are necessary. Ex: If I were to buy a one way ticket on Southwest to San Francisco right now, it would cost roughly 450 dollars. I’m sure there are cheaper fares available but be prepared to budget 1500 dollars give or take for travel for a year if you’ll be flying. Plan on bringing your entire wardrobe? Better check those baggage fees. Thinking about bringing 10 pounds worth of CD’s and DVDs in your luggage? Think Again. Furthermore consider that plane tickets are more expensive around the holidays. It may not be within your means to travel home for Thanksgiving, or spring break, or even just because you miss your family.  Personally only one of my parents will be able to come with me to campus this fall. I can honestly say that’s not what I pictured when I envisioned moving into my dorm but that’s simply the case. Also consider that if your parents will be coming to campus from another state there will probably be hotel stay and car rentals involved unless you have family nearby.
Bracing for the Transition
There will be plenty more to say later, but here’s what I can say now. Going to a completely new place and knowing barely anyone is scary. In addition to this you know next to nothing about the area surrounding campus or how to get around. I personally plan on asking the people from California for help. I think what keeps me from stressing is that I know there are tons of other kids around the country, going to many great schools, who have the same worries or problems and also knowing that I’m coming to a great community. The rest will hopefully get figured out along the way J
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