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Moving to Cali

This post is to explain a little of what I’m going through now with preparing to move to Stanford this fall. Let me say I do not at all regret my decision to come to Stanford but here are some … Continue reading

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So Many Schools, So Little Time, Part I: Approaching How You Approach Applying

For the next several weeks (I’m looking at a weeklyish post schedule), I’m going to be walking you readers through the college application process. (Sorry for the long post title. I tend to be long-winded, as you can probably tell … Continue reading

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We Are Gatsby!

     Like everyone else here, I have my own ideas about what goes on behind the closed doors of admissions offices at top schools. I personally like to think it involves some arcane ritual with blindfords and a dartboard. However, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the CommonApp.

You’re immediately forced to reduce yourself down to some numbers, your exracurriculars and some essays, which, in the best of cases, accurately discribe a tiny slice of your character. The college wont get to ‘know you’, there’s not enough time, … Continue reading

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Stanford out of the Blue.

Hello, Here’s my experience with the whole admissions process. There are no ‘tips’, details, or comments about the essays, no hypothesising as to why I think I got in (that’s mostly an exercise in futility, nobody really knows), but instead … Continue reading

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Cardinal Spirit

Hi, new contributor here – my name is Sarah!  I’ve never written on a blog before, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. And right there, before I even introduce myself further, I hope that gives some sense … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Talk About Pancakes and Sudoku in a College Application Essay

*This is my personal opinion, from essays I’ve read, and the essays I’ve written. From what I’ve read about admissions, and the letters I’ve gotten from the university. This is why I believe that I got in.* So, Let’s Pretend … Continue reading

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