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So Many Schools, So Little Time, Part I: Approaching How You Approach Applying

For the next several weeks (I’m looking at a weeklyish post schedule), I’m going to be walking you readers through the college application process. (Sorry for the long post title. I tend to be long-winded, as you can probably tell … Continue reading

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Admissions Secrets From Someone Who Has No Idea

Consider this, if you will, the second part of my intro post. The last one was basically the story of how I ended up at Stanford. This one is (hopefully) going to be more like why I got in: an … Continue reading

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For International prospectives: What I "think" I did right

Hi, it’s Winnie again!So here’s my post on how to approach the college process from an international’s perspective! I’ve actually saved this paragraph for last.Scanning over what I’ve just wrote, it feels like the advice I’ve given is vague and somewhat obvious, but hey! The … Continue reading

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Do What You Love: Lessons from Indic Poetry

Greetings from India 😀 Hi! I’m Ishita, and like the other people on this blog, I’m a part of the Stanford class of 2016. If you’re reading this, you’re probably going to apply to college soon. To all of you … Continue reading

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Follow the Class of ’16 on Twitter!

Hey everyone!  The Stanford Class of 2016 now has a twitter account: This isn’t part of the Confessions from Stanford, but it’s another good way to keep up with our journey towards freshman year!  Different members of the class will … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Good to Be Wrong: Like when you think you won’t get in and then you do

Okay, so here’s another of those “How I got to Stanford” type posts. Yeah, there are a lot of them already, but I personally think it’s really cool to hear (see, read, whatever) everyone’s stories, because they’re all so different … Continue reading

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General Advice dealing with the Various Events leading up to and including Admit Weekend

If you have a chance to go to Admit Weekend, do it. Phase I: Initial AcceptanceSo you’ve gotten into Stanford. Congratulations! Ever visited the campus before? Admit Weekend is the perfect opportunity. Let’s say you’ve gotten several acceptance letters from … Continue reading

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