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Welcome to the CommonApp.

You’re immediately forced to reduce yourself down to some numbers, your exracurriculars and some essays, which, in the best of cases, accurately discribe a tiny slice of your character. The college wont get to ‘know you’, there’s not enough time, … Continue reading

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Admissions Secrets From Someone Who Has No Idea

Consider this, if you will, the second part of my intro post. The last one was basically the story of how I ended up at Stanford. This one is (hopefully) going to be more like why I got in: an … Continue reading

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Do What You Love: Lessons from Indic Poetry

Greetings from India 😀 Hi! I’m Ishita, and like the other people on this blog, I’m a part of the Stanford class of 2016. If you’re reading this, you’re probably going to apply to college soon. To all of you … Continue reading

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