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Admissions Secrets From Someone Who Has No Idea

Consider this, if you will, the second part of my intro post. The last one was basically the story of how I ended up at Stanford. This one is (hopefully) going to be more like why I got in: an … Continue reading

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For International prospectives: What I "think" I did right

Hi, it’s Winnie again!So here’s my post on how to approach the college process from an international’s perspective! I’ve actually saved this paragraph for last.Scanning over what I’ve just wrote, it feels like the advice I’ve given is vague and somewhat obvious, but hey! The … Continue reading

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I Got Into Stanford and All I Got Was This Blog Post

Okay so I guess I should just say a couple of things about myself. My name is Ashley, I’m from Chicago and I went to a public school with about 2000 students. Quick Stats: ACT: 33 GPA: 4.98/4.0 weighted Top 10%6 … Continue reading

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Do What You Love: Lessons from Indic Poetry

Greetings from India 😀 Hi! I’m Ishita, and like the other people on this blog, I’m a part of the Stanford class of 2016. If you’re reading this, you’re probably going to apply to college soon. To all of you … Continue reading

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Trust me guys, there really is no foolproof formula.

Hey everyone! I’m Sarah, another incoming freshman at Stanford. A little about me: I’m from San Jose, California (yeeee, Bay Area!) and graduated from a large (~3500 students) public high school. It’s safe to say that I have spent more … Continue reading

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Fishing versus Filtering

As a (newbie) guest contributor to Confessions from Stanford, I’m happy and honored to have the privilege of sharing my opinions and experiences throughout my Stanford years here. Some of my fellow contributors have already come forth to say hello, … Continue reading

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Getting into a top school like Stanford: MAKING YOURSELF STAND OUT

Hi everybody!So there seems to be a lot of hype about how everyone needs to have a certain SAT score, and a perfect 4.0, or at least close to it.But the fact is, it’s just not all about those standardized … Continue reading

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